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The Phil Better Show

Jul 27, 2018

IT's YOUR BOOOOOOOOOOOYS back and in the neeed.... The need for SPEEED!!!!!

That's right folks, your favorite podcasters are here with a special episode of the show!

This episode you will hear our personal favourite movies starring the one and only.... Mr. Tom Cruise!!!! Please hold your applause.

Let us know what you...

Jul 26, 2018

IT'S Your Boys!!!!


We are back with an huge amount of info regarding last weekends Comic-Con.


We have your Titans trailer review..... Fuck Batman!

We Have the King of Monsters in house.

The dude bro of the DCEU.

What else well you have to listen to find out... Oh and Phil goes on a huge...

Jul 19, 2018

IT'S YOUR BOY!!!!!!!


I am back with a very special guest co-host this week! All the way from England, I have the pleasure of having a Conversation With Jason, from the podcast A Conversation With.

In this episode we spend talking about the awesomeness that is Robin Hood, specifically first film presence Of the Hood...

Jul 11, 2018

IT's your Boy!!!


This episode is a fun one where Al and I discuss our fav and least fav remakes of movies!

What is your fav remake? Do you agree with us? let us know by sending us a twit, email, or comment!

Stay Hydrated #TeamPhilBetter


Please feel free to check out Shoutout...

Jul 2, 2018

It's Your Boy!!


Here is a special episode where my buddy Scarfo, the first guest ever on the show returns to give me a challenge to get eating healthy.


If you are interested hit me up and join the challenge!


Lets do this!!!!