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The Phil Better Show

Nov 28, 2019

Hey Team Phil Better!

Your Boys are back and celebrating the 100th Episode!
For that we decided to list our top 100 movies of all time!!!
So join us for one heck of a party!!!!

and as always go see a movie


If you want to listen to the shout outs of the week...

Nov 21, 2019

Hey Team Phil Better!

Another Week another Podcast. 1 day closer to 100!

This Week Al tells us about a movie he saw, was it on his list?

Does Phil go on a Rant? Did he see a movie?

We do some shout outs and if you want to be given a shout out comment on the video, instagram, twitter, or facebook page.

And we talk about...

Nov 14, 2019

Hey Team Phil Better!


This week I talk about the latest Terminator movie. We talk Netflix's DayBreakers, and some movie news.


Oh and for some reason Twilight....


Remember to go see a movie.



If you want to listen to Jason's new Podcast here are...

Nov 7, 2019

Hey Team Phil Better!


Yes we are back even if we had a huge fight last week. This week since we wanted it to be neutral we went the Seinfeld route and did an episode on nothing serious.


Let us know what you think.


As always go see a movie!


If you want to follow DJ...

Nov 1, 2019

Hey Team Phil Better!!!


Finally it has come to it. Phil Vs. Al! The ultimate match up. You may have not wanted this to happen but it has.

Listen to find out who wins!

and as always

Go see a movie


If you want to follow Al as the movie guy or as his alterego DJ Overflow_Mtl or...