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The Phil Better Show

Mar 19, 2020

Hey World!

It's crazy right now with how the world is going but fear not your dedicated favourite podcasters are here to bring you some joy!

Hope you all get through this!



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Mar 12, 2020

Hey Team Phil Better!!!

We have a great episode this week for you!!!

I have my friend the amazing streamer MrInglorious on the podcast to discuss Adam Sandler's best role to date: Uncut Gems!

Listen to us discuss this movie and of course go on tangets!

and remember people.......

Go See a...

Mar 6, 2020

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT is up Internet! @PhilBetterShow here with another Popping Episode for you!!!!! Make sure you Smash that Like Button You double Tap that subscribe and click the bell!!! 

Ok for Real Al wasn't here and Phil went a little crazy.... 

Just some news and you can find the links down...