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The Phil Better Show

May 3, 2018


We are back we are back with a brand new episode for your ear-holes!!!

The amazingly talented and uniquely qualified Al on Movies and I talk movies that are based of TV shows. 

We also give a massive SHOUT OUT this week to a controversial podcast that is part of the #PodM8s family; Beg To Differ.

They are a great podcast with interesting opinion on everyday topics. I highly suggest you give them a listen! 

Also shout out to Masie, who put together the #PodM8s group without her I wouldn't have anyone to shout out each week.

As always links are down below, make sure to rate us, review us, and of course have a great week!


Check out Beg To Differ:

Their Web site:




YouTube: Beg To Differ Youtube


If you want to follow Al as the movie guy or as his alterego DJ Overflow_Mtl or even us then as always the links are as followed;


You can follow his tumblr here: AlonMovies MTL

You can find his Twitter here: AlonMoviesMTL

You can follow him on twitter: DJ Overflow MTL 

You can follow him on his FB at: DJ Overflow MTL

Find him on his Youtube at: DJ Overflow MTL

Check out his mixtape here:DJ OverFlow MTL Mixtape


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